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March, 2019

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The local institusion examination was performed on 4th and 5th May 2019

The local institusion examination was performed on 4th and 5th May 2019 for six candidate of Orthopedics were: dr. Anak Agung Gede Putra Prameswara, dr. Yohanes , Toban Layuk Allo, dr. Handoko, dr. Jansen, dr. Ery Wildan, and dr. Edwin William. The examination was performed in Anti Ageing Policlinic of Private Care Centre of Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital for 7 hours. Every candidate had to face patient cases in some stations. The examiner consisted of local examiner from Hasanuddin University, and a representative from PABOI (Indonesian Orthopedics Surgeon Association) as an external. All candidates were pass the examination with high grade.


Public lecture of “Rapid ID Diagnostics and Prevention of Anti-Microbial Resistance” was held on 21th May 2019 at Senate room of Medical Faculty. The lecture was delivered by Jan Nouwen, M.D, M.Sc, Ph.D, an internist, infectious disease specialist of Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherland. The lecture was opened by Dr.dr.Rina Masadah, MPhil, SpPA(K) as the Head of Reseach, Innovation and Partnerships of Faculty of Medicine, dan was attended by the Faculty Staff, the resident of Microbiology, Pathology Anatomy, Obstetric  & Gynecology, Surgery, and master’s degree students. The topic was important for the general practitioner as well as specialist, as they gain knowledge of detection, prevention, and treatment of antimicrobial resistance.


The Clinical Pathology Conference (CPC) was performed at Hasanuddin University Hospital at 9th May 2019, which was attended by dr. Henry Yurianto, M.Phil, Ph.D, Sp.OT(K), dr. Muhammad Phetrus Johan, M.Kes, Ph.D, Sp.OT(K), dr. Dario Nelwan, Sp.Rad (representative of Radiology Departement); dr. Djumadi Achmad, Sp.PA (K) , dr. Ni Ketut Sungowati, Sp.PA (K), dan dr. Imeldy Prihatni Purnama, M.Kes, Sp.PA as representative of Pathology Anatomy Department; and dr. Fatmasari, Sp.ONK. Rad (representative of Radiotherapy Departement)

This Conference was aimed to discuss musculoskeleal neoplasm cases, in order to reach a hollistic understanding of cases between clinician and laboratory experts. Furthermore, this Conference produced a proper management planning for patients. Discussion was interactive along with presentation and suggestion which was very helpfull to solve patients problems in diagnostic and therapy. This activity obviously gain the knowledge about musculoskeletal neoplasms

Visiting Lecture Departement of Clinical Pathology


Visiting lecture was held at meeting room Departement of Clinical Pathology, Hasanuddin University Hospital on 24 May 2019 at, with a title “How to Write a Literature Review and Systematic Review”. The lecture was deliverd by Devis Pascut, Ph.D from Italian Liver Foundation, Trieste, Italy. This lecture was attended by Staf and Resident of Clinical pathology Departement.


Inbound Professor World Class Universtiy (WCU) 2019 was delivered by inviting Assoc prof Devis Pascut, PhD  from Trieste, Italia. Devis Pascut is a senior reseracher (principal investigator and project coordinator) in Translational Oncology in Italian Liver Foundation-ONLUS, Trieste Italy. The activities during 3 weeks  (06-24 May 2019) in Faculty of Medicine was giving lecture to four class of undergraduate students, giving lecture to master degree and PhD students, presentation to staff and resident of Departement Pathology Anatomy, Microbiology, Surgery, Obstetric and Gynecology, and Clinical Pathology. The other activity was presenting a Public Lecture with title “Technique ro Write a Review and International Collaboration”, together with Dr Forest Muhammad Alif KS, Shut, Msi, and Prof dr Muh Nasrum Massi, PhD. Furthermore, he also delivered discussion with the HUMRC (Hasanuddin university Medical Research) researcher dan setting miRNA lab and building proposal bank.