1st Japan –Asean Medical Seminar on Human Health Impact of Heavy Metal

1st Japan –Asean  Medical Seminar on Human Health Impact of Heavy Metal, was performed on 3rd May 2019 at Hardjoeno Auditorium of Post Graduate Study Hasanuddin University. This seminar was held by The Research institute for humanity and nature (RIHN), with collaboration with Ehime University ,  Kumamoto Gakuen University  , and Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University. The moderators were dr. Cahyono Kaelan ,Ph.D ,Sp.PA(K),SpS  and  dr. Husni Cangara,Ph.D ,Sp.PA.

This Seminar talked about the dangerous and impact of mercury contamination to human and environment. The speakers were Prof. Masayuki Sakakibara with the title “Medical Geoscience and its Challenge”, Prof. Akimoto Shimoji  (“Minimata Spectrum Syndrome“) , Prof. Masanori Hamada (“Lessons from Minamata disease and Current Challenge”), Dr.Masami Tajiri  (“Staying close to The Minamata  disease patients”). The speaker from Medical Faculty Hasanuddin University is Dr.dr.Rina Masadah, MPhi, SpPA(K) with the title “Mercury Intoxication and Pathogenesis of Disease”, and Dr. Hasriawiani Habo Abbas from Moelim University Indonesia with the title ”Problem  of Illegal Cosmetic  Containing Mercury  in Indonesia”. The seminar was closed by the Dean of Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University Prof. dr. Budu,Ph.D,Sp.M(K), M.Med.

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