“Brunch Talk” Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University

Makassar, Tuesday, August 11st, 2020, at the 8th floor Lounge of the Rectorate Building Hasanuddin University, a live talkshow was conducted by the official Instagram @hasanuddin_univ on every Tuesday & Friday. The program initiated by the Directorate of Communication Hasanuddin University and took place Brunch time at 09.30 – 10.30 WITA.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University, Prof. dr. Budu, PhD, Sp.M (K), M.Med.Ed, was taking part to briefly introduce the 65-year-old Faculty of Medicine at Hasanuddin University in January 2021, he proudly mentioned that the reputable faculty in the Eastern Indonesia Region, is the Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University which has more than 20 (twenty) subjects, and some of them have become independently, such as Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Public Health, and the Faculty of Nursing.

In addition to introducing the Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University as generally, he also answered questions about tips and tricks to enrol in the Faculty of Medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic and was given souvenirs like tumblers for those who had asked with. Lastly, he stated a piece of advice that if you want to be a competent and great doctor, you have to follow your desire, it does not come from the parents forced, must be patient, kind, powerful, and able to compete in facing globalization and digitalization era.

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