The Clinical Pathology Conference (CPC) was performed at Hasanuddin University Hospital at 9th May 2019, which was attended by dr. Henry Yurianto, M.Phil, Ph.D, Sp.OT(K), dr. Muhammad Phetrus Johan, M.Kes, Ph.D, Sp.OT(K), dr. Dario Nelwan, Sp.Rad (representative of Radiology Departement); dr. Djumadi Achmad, Sp.PA (K) , dr. Ni Ketut Sungowati, Sp.PA (K), dan dr. Imeldy Prihatni Purnama, M.Kes, Sp.PA as representative of Pathology Anatomy Department; and dr. Fatmasari, Sp.ONK. Rad (representative of Radiotherapy Departement)

This Conference was aimed to discuss musculoskeleal neoplasm cases, in order to reach a hollistic understanding of cases between clinician and laboratory experts. Furthermore, this Conference produced a proper management planning for patients. Discussion was interactive along with presentation and suggestion which was very helpfull to solve patients problems in diagnostic and therapy. This activity obviously gain the knowledge about musculoskeletal neoplasms

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