Application requirements for internal medicine specialist program

Application requirements for internal medicine specialist program

General requirements:

  1. Aged less than 35 years
  2. Have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.75 / 4.00
  3. Duration of undergraduate study of less than 10 years


Specific requirements:

  1. Have completed Emergency in Internal Medicine (EIMED) course, Internal Medicine Emergency Course (IMEC), or any other courses in internal medicine emergency
  2. No history of Chronic Hepatitis B


Supporting documents :

  1. Copies of official (certified) certificates of Bachelor of Medicine and medical doctor degree
  2. Copies of official (certified) academic transcripts of Bachelor of Medicine and medical doctor degree
  3. Current curriculum vitae
  4. For civil servants, copies of official (certified) decree from the regional civil service agency (BKD) and a civil servant ID card.
  5. Copies of competency certificate and medical registration certificate (STR) from the Indonesian Medical Council (KKI). If the STR is in the process of being extended, a receipt from KKI must be attached.
  6. Certificate of completion of medical internship from the appropriate hospital or Indonesian Medical Internship Committee (KIDI) for applicants who graduate after the internship program was implemented.
  7. Proof of a minimum 6-month clinical experience after medical internship; or at least 1 year and 6 months of clinical experience for applicants graduated before the internship program was implemented
  8. Certificate of employment signed by a direct supervisor from the hospital/clinic where the applicants are actively working.
  9. Copies of accreditation certificate from Lam-PTKes/BAN-PT for the faculty of medicine and the University where applicants completed their previous medical education.
  10. Letters of recommendation from:

–          Regional Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI)

–          Local government official, or direct supervisor

–          Fellow internal medicine specialist

  1. A 4×6 cm photo
  2. Registration fee: Rp. 600,000
  3. A statement letter of not attending any other formal education
  4. A permit to continue education from spouse/parents
  5. A certificate of leave from previous University, if applicants were on leave during their previous medical education period
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