Quality Assurance Unit

Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University Organizational Structure 

Internal Academic Quality Assurance is the responsibility of the leadership at the university, faculty, department, study program, teaching staff and education staff levels. Quality assurance is carried out to ensure Compliance with Academic Policies, Academic Standards, Academic Regulations and Academic Quality Manuals determined by the postgraduate program. Certainty that graduates have competencies in accordance with those determined by the study program.

The implementation of the quality assurance program at the Internal Medicine Specialist Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University is carried out based on the guidelines and quality assurance policies that have been prepared.

Student Satisfaction Survey

For further information : https://med.unhas.ac.id/mutu

Internal Audit

Internal quality evaluation is carried out regularly every year by conducting a self-evaluation then continued with monitoring internal quality evaluation by involving the quality assurance group of the medical faculty. The institutions that handle internal audits at the Faculty of Medicine Unhas are the Quality Assurance Group (GPM) at the study program level and the Quality Assurance Unit (UPM) at the faculty level.

Internal Audit Report 2021

Tasks of the Quality Assurance Team

The quality assurance team has the task of planning, implementing, controlling, and developing an academic quality assurance system for faculties and study programs that is in line with the Unhas internal quality assurance system, and is responsible for planning and sustainable quality improvement.

In carrying out its duties, the Quality Assurance Group has the following functions:

  1. Formulation of academic quality policies that are in line with Unhas academic quality policies, in order to achieve academic performance targets of faculties and study programs;
  2. Formulation and development of academic quality standards that are in line with Unhas quality standards;
  3. Implementation of academic and management quality standards that are in line with Unhas quality standards;
  4. Formulation of an academic quality manual that is in line with the Unhas quality manual;
  5. Development of an information system-based academic quality monitoring and evaluation system;
  6. Implementation of monitoring and evaluation of academic quality assurance activities;
  7. Submission of reports on the results of monitoring and evaluation along with their recommendations in writing to the dean;
  8. Implementation of analysis of the follow-up to the implementation of monitoring and evaluation;
  9. Providing recommendations for improvement to achieve the goals of the faculty in the study program; and
  10. Carrying out other tasks assigned by the dean.


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