Interpol Expert Delivers Forensics Public Lecture at FK UNHAS

The Department of Forensics and Medicolegal, Faculty of Medicine, held an International public lecture on Disaster Victim identification (DVI) on Wednesday 05/08/2020, delivered virtually via zoom. DVI is a procedure that is performed to identify victims who have died in mass disasters. The method fits the scientific standards of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).  Speakers include the Head of Forensic Odontology DVI Belgium Drg Eddy De Valck, Head of the Indonesian Armed Forces Health Center Brigjen Dr.dr. Tugas Ratmono, the East Indonesian Regional Disaster Alert Brigade dr. Muhammad Nuralim Mallapasi, Lecturer of the Department of Pathology and Forensics FK UNHAS Dr.dr. Gatot S. Lawrence Lao, MSc, SpPA(K). The lecture was opened officially by the Rector of Hasanuddin University, Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA.

Drg Eddy de Valck delivered a topic on the ‘Cooperation Between Odontologists and Pathologists in DVI Operations: the Interpol Philosopy and Experience”. De Valck discussed the Interpol DVI philosophy, pre-planning, training for the Interpol DVI, DVI standards and protocols, and also the experience of the Belgian DVI and Interpol DVI teams.

In his presentation, De Valck explained that the DVI team consist of members with interdisciplinary backgrounds. Their roles are tailored to the needs of victim identification, and the members include the police, pathologists/anthropologist, forensic odontologists, and DNA experts. The victim identification process can be performed using fingerprints, dental records, or DNA samples, providing 100% scientific accuracy of the victim identity. “Accurate identification is obtained by matching the data obtained from indirect evidence with physical evidence and involves internal and external examinations for support of the identification process” De Valck explained. The lecture was moderated by the Vice Dean for Research and Innovation of FK UNHAS, Dr. dr. Rina Masadah, M.Phil., Sp.PA (K), DFM,

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