Ophthalmology Specialist Program (OSP) Unhas is one of the 12 OSP program in Indonesia. Established almost the same as the Faculty of Medicine Unhas, with long history of teaching and training ophthalmology science, OSP had graduated hundreds ophthalmologist which now distributed and served community all over Indonesia. Not only they served as clinician, but also many of them served structural position, such as director of hospital, head of organization, and also as lecturer staff in universities. The program had managed to receive ranked “A” in Indonesian Accreditation Agency for Higher Education Health (IAAHEH) . On the aspect of human resources, had qualified staff and currently have 6 foreign lecturer that well known for their contribution in Ophthalmology. The program also have many collaboration with organization and institution to facilitate the development of human resources as well as quality of training.


The vision of the OSP is “To Become the Foremost in Indonesia and Competitive in Asia in the Field of Ophthalmology in the Year of 2025”. The Missions of the program are as follow:

  • To conduct quality, character, research-based, evidence-based ophthalmologist education in 
hospitals that comply with national and international accreditation standards.
  • ToimproveanddevelophumanresourcesanddivisionalfacilitiesatOphthalmologyStudyProgram in order to render the Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine Unhas as a leading 
institution in developing Three Pillars of Higher Education in Indonesia.
  • To conduct continuous education and training (Continuing Program Development) at the local, 
national and international levels as well as conducting clinical and community-based ophthalmic 
science and technology research so as to be able to overcome eye health problems.
  • To improve eye health services professionally, efficiently, and have a high moral and ethical foundation and play an active role in the success of both local and national government programs 
in an effort to reduce blindness in Indonesia.

To strive for the development of human resources and infrastructure as well as expanding networks 
and cooperation with government and private institutions both national and international.