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Struktur Organisasi

Head Department :  Muh. Nasrum Massi, MD., Ph.D. Secretary :  Prof. Mochammad Hatta, MD., Ph.D., Clin.Microbiol.(Cons) Staff Chairuddin Lakare, MD., Sp.MK. (Honourary Lecturer) Prof. Dr. M. Asaad Maidin, MD., M.Sc., Sp.MK. (Professor) Hj. Baedah Madjid, MD., Sp.MK. (Honourary Lecturer) Rini Rinette HT, BSc. (Lecturer) Rizalinda Sjahril, MD., MSc. (Lecturer) Firdaus Hamid, MD. (Lecturer) A.R. Sultan, MD. (Lecturer) Markus Lembong (Scientific ...

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Sejarah Bagian Mikrobiologi

Microbiology Department was opened in 1959 and Ruger, MD., was the first head of this department. List the head of Microbiology department are : 1. Ruger, MD. : 1959 – 1966 2. Au Kun Eng, Dr., Sp.S : 1966 – 1974 (dibantu oleh Tuan Tanamal) 3. Ch. Lakare, Dr. Sp.PK., Sp.MK. : 1974 – 1998 4. Prof. Mochammad Hatta, MD, Ph.D., Clin.Microbiol.(Cons) : 1998 ...

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