Strategic Plan and Organizational References in FMUH and Hasanuddin University

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1 Strategic Plan of Universitas Hasanuddin Year 2016-2020 Download
2 Strategic Plan ofUniversitas Hasanuddin 2020-2024 Download
3 Development Plan Universitas Hasanuddin 2030 Download
4 Strategic Plan ofFakultas Kedokteran 2011-2015 Download
5 Strategic Plan ofFakultas Kedokteran 2016-2020 Download
6 Strategic Plan of Fakultas Kedokteran 2020-2024 Download
7 Rector Regulations No. 13/UN4.1/2018 (OTK Fakultas) Download
8 Rector Regulations No. 8/UN4.1/2018 (OTK Unhas) Download
9 Statuta Unhas Download
10 Policy of ISO 9001:2015 at Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University Download
11 Roles and Duties of Academic Resources and Quality Assurance Committee Download