Vission and Mission

Vision and mission of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas) are composed in accordance to the vision and mission of Universitas Hasanuddin. In long term perspective toward 2030, the Unhas vision is to become “The centre of excellence in human, science, technology, arts and culture development on the principles of Indonesian Maritime Continent”. The University vision was then translated into the Vision of Faculty of Medicine Unhas, which is, “To become an internationally reputable Faculty of Medicine that delivers graduates with a humanist spirit and a digital culture on the principles of Indonesian Maritime Continent.”

 These vision and mission are described in the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan of Faculty of Medicine Unhas as stated in the Dean Decree Number 258/UN4.6/KEP/2020. The vision and mission are created by involving internal stakeholders which are Faculty leaders, head of departments and study programs, teaching staffs, supporting staffs, and students. We also involve external stakeholders which includes graduates employer, hospital directors, health officers, and Indonesian Medical Professional Association (IDI). Involvement of internal and external stakeholders are aimed to ensure the vision and mission are inline with public and stakeholder demands, collegial needs, and development of science and technology. The vision and mission and strategic plan of Faculty are then distributed to all study programs, so they can develop their own vision and mission as well as intended learning outcomes that are inline with the faculty. The vision and mission of Faculty and Study Programs are formulated through the following stages. First, formation of Development Team who is incharge in collecting and analyzing information, and in formulating Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan. Second, Collecting information and data from all stakeholders which are analyzed and formulated into Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan. Third, these Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan are reviewed and approved by Faculty Senate. Fourth,  After legitimation from Faculty Senate, the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan are implemented to all Study Program.

All study programs at Faculty of Medicine Unhas have designed their Qualification Profiles and Intended Learning Outcomes to achieve the vision and mission of Faculty and University by analyzing and considering the development of science and technology in medicine, inputs from internal and external stakeholders as well as relevant rules and references, including:

  1. President of Republik Indonesia Decree Number 8 year 2012 regarding Indonesian Qualification Framework (IQF);
  2. Higher Education Ministry Decree Number 3 year 2020 regarding Higher Education National Standard (HENS);
  3. Higher Education Ministry Decree Number 18 year 2018 regarding National Standard of Medical Education (NSME);
  4. World Federation of Medical Education (WFME)
  5. National Standards for Medical Professions
  6. Universitas Hasanuddin Rector Decree Number 2785/UN4.1/KEP/2018;