“Penyumpahan” Bachelor of Medicine, Profession Doctor, Bachelor of Nursing and nurses

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Once again at the end of the year, after graduation and graduation ceremony was held the day before the December 24, 2o14 held procession swearing by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hasanuddin, Prof. Dr.dr. Andi AsadulIslam, Sp.Bs with the Vice Dean and Head of the Department who attended and followed approximately two hundred and ten (210) participants were sworn in, among others, of the Bachelor of Medicine there Hundred Thirty-one (131) participants, Profession Doctor, Fifty two (52) participants, then a Bachelor of Nursing amount of Twenty (20) participants and for a number of nurses Profession Seven (7) of participants in the building Baruga A.AP. Pettarani.

Although there is little technical disruptions and delays do not make a bit diminished reverence of the participants raised their noble oath, and in the remarks of Mr. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Hasanuddin, Prof. Dr.dr. Andi AsadulIslam, Sp.Bs apologized and congratulated for the participants and accompanying parents, he was also awarded in the form of a plaque for the best graduates include Krisnawati Panggulungan, S.Ked, dr. Juliet Christy Gunawan Umbas, then Lya Fitriany, S.Kep.Ns and Nurlianty, S. Kep ​​all of which are women.

Congratulations and thanks were given to the participants and parents to guide them and entrust their children in Hasanmuddin University and Faculty of Medicine, especially where the output can continue higher kejenjang primarily for those who intend to do research, the Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with many other foreign universities. Hopefully the knowledge gained can be useful for the charity and the people of Indonesia. Always success

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