Public lecture of “Rapid ID Diagnostics and Prevention of Anti-Microbial Resistance” was held on 21th May 2019 at Senate room of Medical Faculty. The lecture was delivered by Jan Nouwen, M.D, M.Sc, Ph.D, an internist, infectious disease specialist of Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherland. The lecture was opened by Dr.dr.Rina Masadah, MPhil, SpPA(K) as the Head of Reseach, Innovation and Partnerships of Faculty of Medicine, dan was attended by the Faculty Staff, the resident of Microbiology, Pathology Anatomy, Obstetric  & Gynecology, Surgery, and master’s degree students. The topic was important for the general practitioner as well as specialist, as they gain knowledge of detection, prevention, and treatment of antimicrobial resistance.

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