Welcoming New Student of Medical Faculty Hasanuddin University 2019


Medical Faculty of Universitas Hasanuddin has conducted new students’ reception at Auditorium Prof Ahmad Amiruddin as part of Penerimaan dan Pengembangan Karakter Mahasiswa Baru (Reception and Character Development of New Student) in Universitas Hasanuddin. There were 344 new students listed followed The New Student Reception in Medical Faculty, which has 3 study programs. There were 249 new students majoring in Medical, 60 in Psychology, and 35 in Veterinary.

All the providential new students were warmly welcomed by Medical Faculty Head of Senate Prof. Dr. dr. Syakib Bakri, Sp.PD., KGH and ratified as new student of Medical Faculty of Universitas Hasanuddin batch 2019. Dean, Vice Deans and Heads of Departments and Study Programs at Medical Faculty of Universitas Hasanuddin also attended the reception.

During the welcoming speech, the Dean of Medical Faculty delivered the vision of Medical Faculty of Universitas Hasanuddin “From Digital to Humanism” and also described recent learning implementation of using digital approach in the faculty.

The new students were also given several imperative information regarding Medical Faculty of Universitas Hasanuddin. Head of Student Ethical Committee Dr. dr. A. Makbul Aman, Sp.PD., KEMD delivered topic Code of Conduct in Campus and Student Ethical Code. Vice Dean of Planning, Finance and Resource Prof. Dr. dr. Haerani Rasyid, M.Kes., Sp. PD-KGH., Sp.GK introduced the organization and facilities at the faculty. Vice Dean of Research, Innovation and International Partnership Dr.dr. Rina Masadah, Sp.PA., M.Phil. delivered topic about research and innovation. Furthermore, Vice Dean of Student and Alumni dr. Firdaus Hamid, Ph.D described academic regulations, and also students’ organizations and activities at Medical Faculty of Universitas Hasanuddin.

In the end of session, students were handed out information about Universitas Hasanuddin’s library facilities and services, and also students information system to enhance students’ learning process. The information about library facilities and services were delivered by Head of Management – UPT Perpustakaan Universitas Hasanuddin, Dr. Iskandar, S.Sos., MM. During topic of student information system, the students were provided with access to enter and update their data recorded in the system. The information system is also beneficial to initially map the students’ potential to support the learning process at Medical Faculty Universitas Hasanuddin.

This orientation event was continued with spiritual material based on each students’ religion and belief. Furthermore, the event will be continued at 12th and 13th August 2019 by reception of students at each study programs and also by student organizations in faculty and study program level at Medical Faculty of Hasanuddin University.

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